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2018 Benjamin Moore Colour of the Year

Whatever colour you choose for your space, you’ll want to make sure you’re matching the room’s colour to both your taste and the room’s purpose. Lighter colours are airier and they can open up a room by making it seem brighter. Darker colours are deep and sophisticated, giving large rooms a more intense experience.

Darker reds can add a lot of energy to your space. Full of adrenaline and passion, reds can be a great way to make a strong first impression in your foyer. Since they draw people together and stimulate conversation, a darker red can be great in a living space or a dining room for your next get-together. They can also offer a rich, elegant tone in lamplight that would otherwise be too bold for during the day.

Benjamin Moore has just announced it’s new colour of the year: Caliente AF-290. Strong. Radiant. And full of energy.

Considering Caliente for your space? Stop in or book a consultation today and let’s talk about your next project.

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